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Our Home Study Combines Convenience and Quality Training

Professional Domestic Institute’s Home Study Programs solves the problems that many people face when considering training. How many times have you thought “I would like to go but I can’t afford it, let alone afford to take the time off work?” That is where our Home Study comes in! You will have access to all the materials, as well instructor feedback and guidance. However, you are able to complete the assignments on your own time from the comfort of your own home. Throughout the entire process, our instructors are available for your questions. Home Study is an option for all of our programs, including Household Management, Estate Management, Estate Housekeeping and Innkeeping. Acquiring training is an investment that pays off in the long run. It will help you land positions and help you be successful in those positions, which is what Professional Domestic Institute strives to help you accomplish. With our home study programs, we make it easier and more cost effect to jumpstart your career in private service or take it to another level.

Professional Domestic Services offers all our programs in a multitude of lengths to fit your schedule and budget, including 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week classes. Even better, all of these programs are offered in home study!

Our shortest program, at 4 weeks, covers the basics of Household Management, such as time management and basic home care. Our longest program, at 8-week, covers Household Management more extensively, imparting a series of specialty skills that will give you an edge amongst the very wealthy who typically have very specific and extravagant requests.

Our 4-week programs are perfect for students that do not have the time and financial resources to commit to our full program. It is not nearly as comprehensive, but will provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to enter the field of household management. Our 8-week program is perfect for students that want to start their career on the next level right off the bat. The comprehensiveness of the 8-week program will allow students to take on a significant amount of responsibility as soon as they graduate.  If you can’t decide between these wonderful programs, attending our 6-week program may be the perfect compromise!

For more information, including pricing and scheduling, check out our website . If any more questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone, (740) 881-3358, or by email,


New Cooking Classes!

Institute for Innkeepers is now offering a variety of cooking classes. Learn more about them on our website

There is something for everyone!

Need Help Getting Organized?

For the past 20 years, our institute has emphasized the abosolute necessity of staying organized as a household manager or estate housekeeper. The sheer size of wealthy house homes increases the amount of things that you have to keep track of. The human brain can only hold so much, which is when reference books and schedule manuals come in handy!

We have taken our experience and expertise in the field have created templates  that can be used to keep any household manager completely organized. Find out more details on our website :) Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about how to improve your household or housekeeping skills. We are here to help.

Already have training? That’s OK! We can help you find a job

Don’t Forget! Professional Domestic Services and Institute is a National Placement Service, as well as a state-certified school.

Our dedicated professionals will work with you to help you find employment that meets your qualifications and expectations. There is no charge to you for this service. Potential employers often have more than one home and represent many different areas of our society: Elected Government Officials, Business Owners, CEOs, Movie Stars, Celebrities, and busy Professionals.

Applications are available on our web site under ‘Applicant Inforation’. Please complete as completely as possible. You can either print them off or send them by email. We also will need your photograph, a copy of your driver’s license, copies of any written references, etc. We normally require two years of experience in the same household or professional training from our Institute in order to represent you to our wealthy clients.

We firmly believe that each client and applicant are unique, they have their needs, preferences, and personalities. We evaluate each applicant carefully to ensure we fully understand what they are looking for in a position. Our application may appear overwhelming at first. However, we ask so many questions because we do not just settle for finding you a job, we want to find you your ideal job. Because ultimately, that is the only way anyone can be successful. It has to be a good match for the employer and the employee.


Class Schedule for the Remaining Half of 2013

You still have time to sign up all! All of our programs are offered at least one more time before 2014 rolls around, inlcuding our NEW 4-week Certified Household Manager Program.

Whether you are interested in Household Management, Estate Management, Estate Housekeeping or Innkeeping, we have something for everyone! Call us to find out more, (740) 881-3358

Certified Innkeeper Program  June 10, 2013 June 28, 2013
Certified Professional HM Program  Sept. 9, 2013 Nov. 1,
Certified Estate Housekeeping Program  Sept. 9, 2013 Oct. 4,
Certified 4 Week Household Manager Program  Oct 7, 2013 Nov 1, 2013
Certified Administrative HM & PA Program  Nov. 4, 2013 Nov. 29, 2013
Certified Innkeeper Program  December 2, 2013 December 20, 201

The Importance of Accreditation

What separates Professional Domestic Services & Institute from other reputable schools and placing agencies is our commitment to providing the best training to our students and the best employees to our clients. We, here at Professional Domestic Institute, hold ourselves to a higher standard, which is why our program is the only state-certified program in the country.

All of our programs are accredited through the state of Ohio’s Board of Career Colleges and Schools, meaning that our curriculum must meet the state’s education requirements. Professional Domestic Institute sought accreditation because we share the Board’s mission to continuously improve standards of excellence and effectiveness. By becoming state-certified, not only do we ensure that we are giving our students a quality education, but we provide them with the security that if we fail on this promise, they have an option of recourse. By being held accountable by the state of Ohio, all our students have a regulatory body they can contact with any concerns or complaints regarding our program.

We aim to provide our students with everything they need to be successful. Our state accreditation is just another example of how much we value this goal.

The days may be longer, but some of our programs are now shorter!

Professional Domestic Institute knows that people’s lives are busy. Though as much as they would like to, we know that not everyone has the time or finances to attend one of our full programs. As a result, we are excited to roll out a set of shorter series that focus on only the most important topics for Household Management and Estate Housekeeping.

4-week Certified Household Manager Program

This program is perfect for people interested in becoming a household manager, but don’t have the time to dedicate 8 weeks for our full program. This program is not nearly at comprehensive, but will cover the most important aspects of household management, as well as give you the full support of our placement agency upon completion. In addition, this program is available for home study as well! Call for, (740) 881-3358, details. We like to talk to each potential student individually because we like to fully understand what they are looking for in a training program!

Current dates:

October 7th, 2013 – November 1st, 2013

February 3rd, 2014 – February 28th, 2014

August 4th, 2014 – August 29th, 2014

Other Private Service Special Classes:

Estate Housekeeping
Price: 1 week $2,700
Price: 1 day $795 

June 24-28, 2013
August 5-9, 2013

Administrative Household Management/Personal Assistant
Price:1 week $2,700
Price: 4 hour $395
June 17-21, 2013
July 8-12, 2013
July 22-26, 2013
August 10, 2013

Professional Household Management
Price:Weekend $1895
Price: 1 day $895
July 13-14, 2013
Aug 31, Sept 1, 2013
June 29, 2013
Aug 18, 2013

Get in touch today to find more!

website:        phone: 740-881-3358         email:

FREE Information Session

I hope the “FREE” got your attention, because this event is a no-risk opportunity for aspiring Innkeepers interested in find out more about how to pursue their dreams.

Professional Domestic Institute, the only state-certified school that specializes in hands-on training of for a variety of professional careers, is hosting a free seminar, “Introduction to Innkeeping,” with guest speaker, Debbie Miller. Debbie Miller is the owner of the Hideaway Country Inn located on six acres in Bucyrus, Ohio. Her beautiful establishment has grown from only a tiny, two room bed and breakfast with a shared bathroom to a twelve room luxury inn with a full service restaurant (complete with liquor license) and a range of spa treatments. With dedication and hard work, this expansion happened in the span of only ten years!

In this small group workshop, Debbie Miller will be sharing her expertise with anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Bed & Breakfast/Country Inn industry. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an innkeeper, you will not want to miss this FREE 3 hour seminar. As with every entrepreneurial endeavor, there are rewards and there are obstacles. Throughout her years of experience, Debbie Miller has seen it all! She was able to build a successful Inn from the ground up in a remote, non-tourist area of Ohio, which is quite the accomplishment. In “Introduction to Innkeeping”, find out more about the struggles that Innkeepers face, as well as how to avoid and overcome them. More importantly, find out, despite the difficulties, why opening the Hideaway Inn was the best decision of Debbie’s life!

This informative and FREE seminar will be followed by a wine and cheese reception with a cash bar. You will also get the chance to meet the Director of Professional Domestic Institute, Carol Scudere. Carol has over 20 years’ experience placing staff in some of the wealthiest homes and best B&Bs in the United States. She has trained hundreds of students, who have gone on to have successful and lucrative careers.

Carol and Debbie have come to together to design a 3-week program specifically for aspiring Innkeepers. It is a comprehensive course on the skills required to successfully manage and operate a Bed & Breakfast or Country Inn. The program is also available through home study, as well as available in two, three, or five day seminars. Both Carol and Debbie will be available for questions during the seminar.

The “Introduction to Innkeeping” seminar will be held at Debbie’s gorgeous Hideaway Country Inn at 1601 State Route 4, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. The seminar will be held onJuly 20th, 2013 from 2 – 5 p.m. Limited spaces are available so be sure to RSVP as soon as your get a chance. For out of town attendees, Debbie is offering rooms at the Hideaway Country Inn at the discounted corporate rate. To RSVP, call 740-881-3358. In addition, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you there!

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