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Employment Opportunities as of May 8, 2014

Couple Needed

Syracuse, NY-area family   seeks a Couple for their home and property. The lady will be responsible for   home care – housecleaning, laundry, ironing, and some cooking. The gentleman   will perform all outdoor work – including maintaining flower beds, gardens,   bushes, and trees. In the winter, the gentleman will assist the lady inside   the home with heavier work. The right candidates will have previous   experience caring for a wealthy household as well as clean police and driving   records. Nonsmokers only; no pets, please. Salary commensurate with skills   and experience and includes living accommodations and benefits. Respond by   e-mail if you are interested; no phone calls, please. Be the first to apply –   the contract for this position is expected in our office next week!


Nanny/Household   Manager Needed

Lebanon, Ohio family is   seeking a live-out Nanny/Household Manager to care for their casual 6,000 sq.   ft. home and family. This great family has three children, ages 7, 6, and 3,   and a one-year-old Goldendoodle. They are seeking a long-term employee who is   organized, kind, structured, great with children, fun and energetic, and is   always eager to pitch in to please. They would also love to have someone who   enjoys healthy, low-carb cooking and is flexible with their time. Other responsibilities   will include chauffeuring the children, running errands, and doing laundry.   If you are can use QuickBooks to pay household bills, they would consider   this a plus. Must be non-smoking and have an excellent credit rating (as   this employee will be handling household accounts). Starting hours are   flexible, and ending time will be 6:30 p.m. This is a lovely family who   will really appreciate what you have to offer to make their lives   easier. If interested, please submit a resume to


Houseman/Chauffeur   Needed

Senior couple in Miami,   Florida is seeking a Houseman/Chauffeur to offer assistance to them   and their dog and two cats. They do not drive and live in a 2,500 square foot   home. This couple has a very casual household. They have two homes in   Florida, one central and one southern, and own many properties, businesses,   and horse farms. The houseman’s responsibilities will include a great deal of   chauffeuring, housekeeping and laundry, maintaining the swimming pool, light   cooking, and shopping for groceries (fresh foods only) and other household   necessities. The right candidate will love animals and enjoy taking care of   pets, as their dog goes with this couple everywhere. Other requirements   include a clean police and driving record, honesty and dependability,   self-motivation, and good cooking abilities. This couple is absolutely not seeking   a professional formal butler; they have a casual lifestyle, and this degree   of formality would make them uncomfortable. If you are seeking a formal   household position, this is the wrong job for you; however, if you would   appreciate making the lives of a relaxed active older couple in good health   easier and more enjoyable, this could be the perfect job for you! This is a   genuinely nice couple who will appreciate what you provide. Flexible work   hours and schedule. Salary is commensurate with abilities and experience and   includes living accommodations in a guest house across from the horse paddock   along with benefits. If interested, please submit a resume to


Housekeeper Needed

Sewickley, PA (10   to 15 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport) adult household is   seeking a Housekeeper. This wonderful family recently saw their Housekeeper   of 20 years retire; their landscaper was with them for 17 years. They enjoy   having long-term employees, and in turn their employees love working for   them. Their home is 9,000 square feet, no pets, and requires the typical   housekeeping duties: general and detailed housecleaning, caring for artwork   and fine home accessories, laundry and ironing, organizing, and so on. They   value their privacy and would prefer a quiet, unobtrusive Housekeeper that   keeps to themselves, is self-motivated, and takes pride in the work they do.   Salary commensurate with skills and experience or professional training; they   do prefer employees with previous experience working in a home of wealth. If   you are interested, please e-mail us your resume, a recent photo, and a copy   of your driver’s license for consideration to   If accepted we will then send you an application to be completed.


Couple Needed

Gates Mills, OH   family is seeking a Couple to care for their home and property. The   gentleman will be responsible for caring for large and small animals, flower   gardening, lawn mowing, snow removal, general maintenance, auto care,   overseeing contractors, chauffeuring, and pool and spa care. The lady will be   responsible for housekeeping, household   payables, shopping, and running errands. Between them, the Couple should do   everything they can to ensure the home is a sanctuary and keep all their   daily life details in check. This family owns 4 homes and runs a thriving   business; you may also need to check on their other homes and ensure they are   well cared for, as well as possibly house sitting while the homeowner   travels. Computer skills are an absolute necessity for this position. The   right candidates will have upbeat personalities and be flexible, organized,   able to prioritize, and non-smoking. At least 2 years’ experience in   this capacity is required. Salary commensurate with experience and skills and   includes half contribution for health insurance after 3 months, 6 paid holidays, and 2 weeks paid vacation after one year. If interested, please submit your resume to


Household   Manager/Butler Needed

High-profile   Old Westbury, NY family is   seeking a live-in  Household Manager/Butler with administrative duties   and capabilities in finances and accounting for their 21,000 square foot   home. Responsibilities of this position include overseeing, supervising, or   training the housekeeping staff of 5 and assigning extra responsibilities as   needed or pitching in as needed; supervising and managing other staff of   four, including chef, kitchen staff, and driver; bookkeeping, budgeting,   reporting and forecasting, negotiating, controlling and auditing, and   identifying areas of financial waste; producing cleaning schedules and   ensuring they are followed; providing service to guests during home   functions; maintaining security measures; dealing with vendors; and   overseeing all technology, including home automation, computers and   entertainment . The right candidate is a non-smoker and has the experience   and abilities to anticipate the needs of the home and family, be friendly but   not overly familiar, be able to respect confidentiality and privacy, be   unobtrusive yet always available, know how to translate their employers’   wants and needs into actions and directions for him or herself and staff, be   detail-oriented and self-motivated, and be willing and able to be hands-on   and assist staff when necessary. This position requires previous experience   in this type of position in a home of wealth; professional training is a plus   and would be invaluable. Salary commensurate with abilities and experience   and includes a 2-bedroom private over-garage apartment. Health insurance is   not provided but is available through their company plan. This is the   opportunity of a lifetime for a highly skilled, experienced Household Manager   with a high aptitude for finance and bookkeeping. If interested, please   submit your resume to


Couple Needed

Gladwyne, Pennsylvania   Jewish family seeks a Couple for their new casual home. The family includes 4   children ages 13, 11, 7, and 4, but no pets. This is an outstanding family   with a history of keeping staff for a long time. You will be replacing an   employee who was with them for 6 years because of their move to a new, larger   home. They have also employed a full-time nanny for the past 11 years.   Responsibilities of this position includes healthy meal preparations, menu   planning, serving, and clean-up; all housecleaning; chauffeuring of children;   running errands; laundry and ironing; gardening; home security; some record   keeping; decorating for parties; caring for guests; some childcare as needed   to back up the nanny; organization of closets and supplies; and caring for   marble, antiques, paintings, interior windows, crystal, metals, the spa, and   other high-end items requiring specific knowledge. They will not accept   smokers and offer Sundays and Mondays off. They will train for Kosher   cooking. Previous experience working in a home of wealth or equivalent in   professional training is required. Salary commensurate to skills and   experience and includes a 1,058 sq ft apartment with private entrance, 1/2   contribution towards health insurance, and 6 paid holidays and 2 weeks’   vacation per year. If interested, please submit a resume to


Caretaker /Maintenance Person Needed

Gates Mills, Ohio Family seeks someone who has had many years of caring for property for their large home. This family requires someone who lives within a half hour of their home and can work flexible hours.  The family will also need to to care for their home and “small zoo” when they travel.  Responsibilities will include general mainentance of their home/business, mowing, plantings, fertizilering, care of indoor swimming pool, snow removal, etc.  Would prefer a non-smoker.  This is a live-out position and if you don’t live nearby there are apartment close. Salary up to $60K depending upon experience and references.  Must have a clean police and driving record.  Benefits will also include part of your health insurance and 6 paid holidays and 2 weeks’ vacation per year. If interested, please submit a resume to

SOME of our Applicants as of May 8, 2014

Household Managers/Personal Assistants/Butlers 

Applicant #OH0040113

This married 49-year-old   gentleman has been working as a House/Estate   Manager for over 8 years. He states that he does not smoke,   drinks alcohol socially, and possesses a valid passport. He is also flexible   regarding his work schedule and hours and is available for relocation. He   enjoys detailed and general housecleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, food   preparation, casual serving of food, running errands, organizing,   administrative duties, vegetable gardening, staff supervision, coordinating   social functions, and providing hospitality to guests. He describes himself   as “reserved, but cordial.”   In his spare time he enjoys   taking walks, swimming, running, snow skiing, traveling, camping, and   attending concerts and movies. This gentleman appears to have a pleasant   personality, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn all he can   regarding his employer.  He possesses strong organizational, supervisory   and time management skills. We feel that this gentleman would be a remarkable   asset to any household. Contact us today for more information.


Applicant   #OH0030913   

This ambitious lady is seeking   a full-time, long-term, Personal   Assistant position. She is a dedicated professional who has   worked for the White House for 7 years in media relations and event   coordination. Her experience includes planning and coordinating media   coverage internationally for the White House; managing media operations and   logistics for 19 visiting heads of state, official Summit delegates and 4,000   members of the domestic and international media during the G20 World Summit;   and executing numerous and varied Presidential events. She holds a Bachelor’s   Degree in Communications from the University of Colorado, has partaken in 9   missions trips throughout the world, and is an avid marathon runner. This   lady’s experience and credentials are impressive and vast. She would make an   efficient, competent and extremely knowledge Personal Assistant. Contact us   today for more information.


Applicant #OH0110708-3

This divorced 50-year-old woman   is seeking a full-time, long-term Household   Manager position. She is enthusiastic, dependable, loyal,   warm. and very eager to please. She is able to work flexible hours, can   travel for her employer, possesses a valid passport, and is available for   relocation.  She is a Certified   Professional Household Manager from Professional Domestic Institute. She   enjoys general and detail housecleaning, cooking, keeping things organized,   laundry, serving, and chauffeuring. In her spare time she enjoys playing with   animals, attending church, biking, and traveling. She describes herself as   “outgoing, pleasant, approachable, engaging, and friendly.” Her   diverse background, which includes being in the military for 8 years, in the   healthcare profession for 16 years, and in Household Management for 5 years,   coupled with her intense training will make her a true asset to any loving   family. Contact us today for more information.


Applicant   #OH0120313                 

55-year-old divorced woman is   seeking a Household   Manager position. She has been working in this capacity for   nearly 5 years.  She enjoys food preparation, general cleaning, ironing,   providing casual and formal dining service, staff supervision, pet care,   computer work, performing administrative duties, running errands for her   employer, organizing, flower and vegetable gardening, maintaining house   plants, providing hospitality, chauffeuring, and coordinating social   functions.  She appears to enjoys the household service industry, and she   would like to find a long-term position where her talents will be best used   to benefit her employers.  With her strong administrative experience and   her knowledge of household operations, we feel she will be a diligent   addition to your home.


Applicant #OH0070813                

57-year-old single man is   seeking a full-time Household   Manager position. He can work flexible hours and travel for his   employer. He says he enjoys general and detail housecleaning, providing   dining service (both formal and casual), running errands, providing   hospitality, laundry, and organization. He has been working for the same   family for the past 7 years as a Household Manager/Personal Assistant; his   responsibilities have included working with contractors, vendors, and service   personnel; detail housecleaning; running errands; washing and fueling the   car; and organizing social events. He is seeking a position in which he can   expand his domestic and hospitable talents, while providing impeccable   service for an individual, couple, or family to keep their home running in   top form. He understands the importance of trust, respect, and privacy within   a domestic environment. This applicant could be a great asset in your home.


Applicant #040607

This applicant, who has been a Personal Assistant/Household Manager   her entire career, specializes in making her employer’s life easier. She was   with one family for 14 years. She has experience in administrative tasks,   housekeeping, clothing care, organizing special occasions and fundraising   events, and supervising staff members, in addition to elder care, child care,   and pet care. As a personal assistant, she helped maintain the calendar and   appointments in addition to scheduling repairs. She was responsible for the   record keeping and filing, sorting mail, and keeping track of bills. She was   trusted to make bank deposits and withdrawals, as well as overseeing other   employees’ hours and payments. As a household manager, she took care of   a 6,500 square foot home, provided landscaping care and design, transported   family members to the airport and activities, ran errands, supervised the   children, and prepared meals. This woman is polite, reserved and   pleasant. From her references, it is clear she is reliable, responsible,   honest, trustworthy and discreet. A former employer said, “Not only did   she take great care of our family, she loved to do little extra things for   us.”


Applicant #OH0100813

This applicant is seeking a Personal Assistant   position. She was raised in private service; her father was an Estate Manager   for a high-profile family in Cleveland, OH. Coming from a career in the   events industry, she goes above and beyond for the people/organization she   works for. She is seeking a long-term position with an employer that   appreciates hard work and attention to detail. Her previous work experience   includes being an event planner, marketing coordinator, and personal   assistant for a production company. She has been responsible for every task   imaginable to keep her employers’ and clients’ lives running smoothly and   efficiently. As an events coordinator, she utilized her creativity to   bring special occasions, conferences, and meetings to life through the food,   table set-up, centerpieces, and décor. She met with vendors, suppliers, and   website designers. She was in charge of handling budgets, accounts, and   communication between involved parties. In addition to prep, she attended all   events to provide quick solutions to arising problems and to ensure clients’   and guests’ satisfaction. As a personal assistant, she made weekly   purchases for the company, recruited and trained employees and volunteers,   attended meetings for her employer, obtained quotes from vendors and made   final hiring decisions, obtained any necessary permits, wrote scripts for   speakers when necessary, and designed promotional t-shirts. She has been   trained in logistics planning, food presentation, budget management, time   management, formal communication, and customer service. Her unrelenting   organization is perfect for keeping records, errands, and schedules   up-to-date and consistent. She has finely tuned skills, a polished   appearance, and a professionalism that could be an asset to your home.


Applicant #OH0040513

This 56-year-old single woman   is seeking a Personal   Assistant/Household Manager position. She loves the daily   challenges of being a PA/HM. She finds she never gets bored and enjoys   problem solving. Her experience has been in long-term positions with several   high-profile people in NYC. She handled the establishment of a New York City   office where one did not exist before. She set up the office, computer and   equipment purchases and filing system. She handled the social and work   calendars and liasoned with boards, gala committees, and charities. In   addition, she was in charge of travel arrangements and packing, reservations,   overseeing construction projects, event-planning, and coordinating with staff   at four estates. This woman is a positive and motivated individual. She loves   the fast-paced environment, where she is able to use her skills to make the   life of her employer as easy and stress-free as possible.


Applicant # OH0030713

This 49-year-old single but   committed gentleman is seeking a position as an Estate/Household Manager. He describes   himself as someone who takes initiative and can bring order out of chaos. He   has spent the last 10 years working for one family, where he hired, trained,   and managed a staff of 6.  He coordinated schedules and developed   household manuals for duties, tasks, safety, home maintenance, and laundry.   He acted as personal assistant by shopping, packing, prepping for travel,   payroll and accounting, working with contractors, and prepping for parties.   He provided animal and car care as well. In essence, he is willing and able   to perform whatever duties were needed of him by his employer! He is ready to   do the same for you!


Applicant # OH0020713

This 57-year-old single   gentleman is seeking a position as a Butler.    His combined 17 years in the industry give him the experience, knowledge, and   skills to provide any employer an impeccable level of service. He has worked   as a butler in both corporate and private settings, though he wishes to   return to private service. With experience in tea service, poolside   functions, cocktail parties, and formal dinners, he is proficient in any   atmosphere. Prior to his 9-year stay with one prominent Florida family, he   worked for both a French and British family, giving him experience with a   variety of serving styles. His past employer has described him as “The   Quintessential Butler.” He is “honest and trustworthy, and his   appearance is always impeccable,” remembers one former employer. In   addition to his Butler duties, he has acted as household manager and personal   valet, overseeing contractors, performing administrative duties, driving, and   running errands.



Household Managers + 

Applicant #OH0100313                              

44-year-old single woman is   seeking a Household   Manager/Chef

position. She has been working   in this capacity for over 12 years. She says she loves cooking, food   preparation, cake decorating, casual dining, staff supervision, pet care,   computer work, performing administrative duties, running errands for her   employer, organizing, providing hospitality, and coordinating social   functions.  She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America,   extremely secure in the kitchen, and adaptable to various diets and   allergies.  She is also an accomplished baker and ice cream maker. She   says she would like to find a long-term position where she can enhance her   skills and techniques.  With her strong culinary background, as well as   her managerial capabilities, we feel she could be a marvelous addition to   your household.


Applicant   #OH0110313                                      

30-year-old   single woman is seeking a Housekeeper/Household   Manager position. She has been working in this capacity for   almost 5 years. She says she enjoys cooking, food preparation, general and   detail housecleaning, staff supervision, pet care, running errands for her   employer, organizing, flower and vegetable gardening, nurturing houseplants,   providing hospitality, coordinating social functions, computer work, and   performing administrative duties.  She is willing to relocate anywhere   on the East Coast or Florida and is flexible with her work schedule and   hours. This woman appears to have a wonderful personality, a strong work   ethic and experience in all areas of the domestic field.  With her   strong housecleaning skills, as well as her desire to please, we feel she   will be an ideal addition to your home.



Applicant # OH0040713

This 55-year-old single   gentleman is seeking a position as a Chef/Household   Manager. He has a proven track record of success. He has been an   estate manager and private chef to a former president and best-selling   recording artist. His responsibilities have ranged from supervising grounds   maintenance to event planning and a variety of administrative duties. Most   importantly, his culinary credentials are sought-after. As a   performance-oriented individual, he prides himself on his mastery of   different food styles, menu and recipe creation, and the development of image   and concept. His recommendations speak incredibly high of his multifaceted   talents that go beyond cooking.


Applicant # OH0010713

This 41-year-old single but   committed woman is seeking a Nanny/Household   Manager position. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in   counseling to add depth to her already established knowledge and experience as a Nanny/Governess. She has   15 years of nanny experience with 3 families, where she has been responsible   for assisting with homework, homeschooling, cleaning, organizing belongings,   cooking, shopping, and transporting to activities. She has always been eager   to help families in additional ways by coordinating schedules, budgeting, and   bookkeeping. She loves interacting with children of all ages and is grateful   for the chance to enrich the lives of the children in her care.


Housekeepers   & Executive Housekeepers 

Applicant #020907

This energetic, hard-working   woman is seeking a Companion/Housekeeper/Cook   position. She has over 3 years’ experience working as a Housekeeper in   private homes. Her responsibilities have included general and detailed   housecleaning; laundry and ironing; organizing; cleaning and polishing   silver; caring for hardwood floors, marble, travertine and granite counters;   caring for fine furnishings; meal preparation and cooking; running errands   and purchasing; answering phones and greeting guests; providing personal care   and pet sitting; and chauffeuring and travel assistance. Her references have   said she is friendly, reserved and hard-working, as well as dependable,   loyal, honest, trustworthy, and always willing to go above and beyond what is   expected of her. We believe that her experience and her genuine heart for   service will make her a valuable part of any home.


Applicant #OH0090813                                                          

33-year-old married woman is   seeking a full-time Housekeeper   position.  She can work flexible hours and travel for her employer. She   says she enjoys general and detail housecleaning, cooking, running errands,   administrative duties, serving food and organization. She spent 2 1/2 years   working part-time as a housecleaner for several homes, during which time she   realized how much she enjoyed offering such services. She then began to expand   the services she offered, and in May 2013 she opened her own housecleaning   and personal assistant business. The services she provides include running   errands, organizing, housecleaning, providing administrative support, and   providing various personal assistant services. While she enjoys this work,   she wants to pursue a full-time position with one family for more   consistency. One of her current clients says, “[she] is a bright,   energetic girl with a real passion for the business… she has a great eye   for seeing what needs done, is very flexible with scheduling needs,   thoughtful and trustworthy, and a self-starter.” We believe her passion   for providing quality service could make her a great addition to any   household.

Applicant #OH0011211

This 52-year-old single woman   is seeking a Housekeeper position.   She has worked as a housekeeper in a private home as well as owned her own   cleaning service. Her expertise includes general and detail cleaning,   including but not limited to knowledge of wood care, bedding, laundry,   ironing, and china and silver care.  She can establish and maintain a   cleaning routine for daily, monthly, and quarterly cleanings. She describes   herself as “honest, motivated, prompt, competent, and considerate.”   In our experience, she is hard-working and reliable, and she demonstrates   good communication and follow-through. We believe she can help make your home   beautiful!




Applicant #OH0050713-2

This 52-year-old divorced woman   is seeking a full-time, live-in or live-out Nanny/Housekeeper position at   $50,000 a year. Her experience includes general and detailed cleaning and   childcare for a 3-month-old as well as 2 young children at once (ages 2 and 4),    laundry.  She is currently a caregiver and assists her principal with   personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, dressing, mobility assistance, and   companionship. She says she enjoys general and detail housecleaning,   cooking, food prep, and coordinating child activities.  She has over 8   years’ experience as a caregiver for children as well as elderly adults. She   has also been responsible for the care and cleaning of a 3,000 square foot   home, where she was responsible for detailed housecleaning and clothing care.   She has cared for people in a wide age range, from newborn to a 90-year old.   She describes herself as “friendly, warm and fun-loving.” Her   past employers describe her as “upbeat, positive, and motivated.”   One family stated, “We were really vulnerable at the time, leaving our   newborn baby, but she really bridged that gap for us. She was the only person   we trusted with our 3-month-year old alone. Anyone would be grateful to have   her.” Her caring heart for other people and her desire to make a difference   for others should make her a welcome and nurturing addition to any   home. She does require the use of a vehicle during working hours.    Call today for more information!



Applicant # OH0021113   & OH0031113 

This married, enthusiastic   couple is seeking a full-time, long-term, Domestic   Couple position. This motivated professional duo has been in the   domestic industry for over 4 years. The lady’s knowledge includes detailed and   general housekeeping duties, home-style cooking, shopping, errands,   gardening, laundry, ironing, party planning and pet care. The gentleman’s   experience includes housekeeping, maintenance, inventory, landscaping,   managing vendors, chauffeuring, guest care, auto care, pool   maintenance, snow removal, and animal care.  She defines herself as   “pleasant and positive,” while he describes himself as   “pleasing and willing to cooperate.” They appear to have   pleasant personalities, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to assist   their employer in any way possible. They come very highly recommended by her   past employers, and it is apparent to us that they enjoy working together. We   believe they would make a very caring and loyal domestic couple for your   home. Please contact us today for more information.


Applicant   #OH0061013 

This married 53-year-old   impressive couple is seeking a full-time Domestic   Couple position. This committed and skilled twosome has had over   11 years of hands-on experience in the domestic field.  The lady’s   experience includes all housekeeping duties, laundry, ironing, inventory,   cooking, and animal care. The gentleman’s experience includes housekeeping,   maintenance, inventory, landscaping, cooking, managing vendors, pool   cleaning, travel arrangements, chauffeuring, guest care, auto care, and   animal care.  In their spare time they enjoy walking, biking, traveling,   swimming, going to concerts andmovies, and caring for animals.  She   describes herself as “caring, friendly, sociable, honest and capable.”    He says he is “outgoing, trustworthy, kind, amiable and   efficient.” This couple’s experience and service heart are tremendous   assets. We believe they will make a very caring and dependable domestic   couple for your home. Contact us today for more information.


Applicant #OH0010913   & #OH0020913

This married, ambitious couple   in their mid-50s is seeking a full-time, long-term Domestic Couple   position. This dedicated professional team has had almost one year of   hands-on experience on a large estate.  The lady’s experience includes   all housekeeping duties, cooking, shopping, errands, gardening, laundry,   ironing, mending, and pet care. The gentleman’s experience includes small   equipment maintenance, painting, gutter repair, exterior floodlight repair,   tree trimming, sprinkler system repair, plumbing leak repairs, lawn   maintenance/seeding, auto care, and lawn/home/garden insecticide/fungicide   application.  They enjoy interior and exterior detail and general   housecleaning, cooking, gardening, and providing hospitality to guests.    In their spare time they enjoy walking, biking, going to concerts/movies, and   caring for animals.  She describes herself as “friendly, pleasant,   caring, trustworthy, loyal, [with] a high standard of morals.”     He depicts himself as “outgoing, trustworthy, loyal, a good communicator   [with] possesses a passion for excellence.”  This couple’s   experience and service heart go well beyond their years in the industry and   would be great assets to your household! Contact us today for more   information.


Applicants #OH0060713   & #OH0070713

53- and 56-year-old married   couple is seeking a full-time, live-in Domestic   Couple position. They have been married for nearly 28 years. They   can work flexible hours and travel for their employers. She says she enjoys   general and detail housecleaning, running errands, providing hospitality to   guests, and flower gardening. He says he enjoys running errands, typing,   chauffeuring, and providing valet services. She has a stable employment   history, which has included serving as a model home hostess; working as a   sales associate; acting as an activity leader and painting at a children’s   activity center; and working as a teacher’s assistant and lead teacher at a   church Home School Co-Op program. His employment history is also stable and   has included supervising breakdown and receiving equipment at an IT equipment   resale company; acting as director over an organization that shipped food to   underprivileged children overseas; working at a church as sound engineer,   computer tech, and director of purity ministry; and working as IT customer   care lead for a major Christian ministry organization. Both appear to take   great pride in a job well done, and they are searching for a long-term   position where they both can pour themselves into a caretaking position. This   caretaker couple can take of all your landscaping needs and make your grounds   beautiful. Despite their lack of professional housekeeping/household   management experience, in their own home they are very hands-on, do-it   yourself types of people, taking care of home issues themselves. It is clear   that they are both learning-oriented. They do not hesitate to take on new   challenges and are always open to learning new skills.


Chefs Applicant #   OH0011113    

This effervescent 29-year-old   woman has worked as a Personal   Chef/Nanny for over 4 years and has received a Culinary Arts   degree from the Columbus Culinary Institute.  She is able to work   flexible hours and is able to travel for her employer.  She is   passionate about and experienced in cooking, preparing food, baking, laundry,   ironing, general housekeeping, running errands for her employer, vegetable   and flower gardening, nurturing house plants, providing hospitality to   guests, chauffeuring, and coordinating social functions.  In her leisure   time she enjoys walking, traveling, biking, singing, photography, and caring   for animals.  She describes herself as “joyful, enthusiastic and   friendly.” She appears to have a warm personality, a love for cooking,   and the ability to enhance her employer’s household.  She is highly   talented and exceptionally experienced in culinary arts and childcare, and   she would be an amazing addition to any household. She would prefer to stay   near Columbus, Ohio, but may consider elsewhere for the right position.   Contact us today for more information.



Applicant #OH0110813

This applicant is seeking a   full-time Chef   position. She has worked privately with clients, preparing delicious menus   individualized to their liking. She has worked in boutique hotels and   restaurants in cities ranging from Atlanta to Miami to Dallas to NYC. Her   extensive expertise includes classical French dishes, authentic Italian   cuisine, and Southern farmstead. Whether you are looking for an elegant meal   or a simple, fresh, seasonal one, her dishes will impress you with their visual   presentation and remarkable taste.




Companions Applicant   #OH0040913  

This empathetic lady is seeking   a full-time, long-term Companion position. She is a committed professional   with over 10 years’ experience working as a companion. Her experience   includes housekeeping, light cooking, laundry, ironing, errands, administering   medicine, and scheduling activities.  She is currently completing a   Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Nova South Eastern   University. This lady’s experience is extensive, and she possesses current   CPR certification.  She would make a very caring and loyal companion for   your loved one.   Contact us today for more information.



Our Home Study Combines Convenience and Quality Training

Professional Domestic Institute’s Home Study Programs solves the problems that many people face when considering training. How many times have you thought “I would like to go but I can’t afford it, let alone afford to take the time off work?” That is where our Home Study comes in! You will have access to all the materials, as well instructor feedback and guidance. However, you are able to complete the assignments on your own time from the comfort of your own home. Throughout the entire process, our instructors are available for your questions. Home Study is an option for all of our programs, including Household Management, Estate Management, Estate Housekeeping and Innkeeping. Acquiring training is an investment that pays off in the long run. It will help you land positions and help you be successful in those positions, which is what Professional Domestic Institute strives to help you accomplish. With our home study programs, we make it easier and more cost effect to jumpstart your career in private service or take it to another level.

Professional Domestic Services offers all our programs in a multitude of lengths to fit your schedule and budget, including 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week classes. Even better, all of these programs are offered in home study!

Our shortest program, at 4 weeks, covers the basics of Household Management, such as time management and basic home care. Our longest program, at 8-week, covers Household Management more extensively, imparting a series of specialty skills that will give you an edge amongst the very wealthy who typically have very specific and extravagant requests.

Our 4-week programs are perfect for students that do not have the time and financial resources to commit to our full program. It is not nearly as comprehensive, but will provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to enter the field of household management. Our 8-week program is perfect for students that want to start their career on the next level right off the bat. The comprehensiveness of the 8-week program will allow students to take on a significant amount of responsibility as soon as they graduate.  If you can’t decide between these wonderful programs, attending our 6-week program may be the perfect compromise!

For more information, including pricing and scheduling, check out our website . If any more questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone, (740) 881-3358, or by email,


Need Help Getting Organized?

For the past 20 years, our institute has emphasized the abosolute necessity of staying organized as a household manager or estate housekeeper. The sheer size of wealthy house homes increases the amount of things that you have to keep track of. The human brain can only hold so much, which is when reference books and schedule manuals come in handy!

We have taken our experience and expertise in the field have created templates  that can be used to keep any household manager completely organized. Find out more details on our website :) Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about how to improve your household or housekeeping skills. We are here to help.

Already have training? That’s OK! We can help you find a job

Don’t Forget! Professional Domestic Services and Institute is a National Placement Service, as well as a state-certified school.

Our dedicated professionals will work with you to help you find employment that meets your qualifications and expectations. There is no charge to you for this service. Potential employers often have more than one home and represent many different areas of our society: Elected Government Officials, Business Owners, CEOs, Movie Stars, Celebrities, and busy Professionals.

Applications are available on our web site under ‘Applicant Inforation’. Please complete as completely as possible. You can either print them off or send them by email. We also will need your photograph, a copy of your driver’s license, copies of any written references, etc. We normally require two years of experience in the same household or professional training from our Institute in order to represent you to our wealthy clients.

We firmly believe that each client and applicant are unique, they have their needs, preferences, and personalities. We evaluate each applicant carefully to ensure we fully understand what they are looking for in a position. Our application may appear overwhelming at first. However, we ask so many questions because we do not just settle for finding you a job, we want to find you your ideal job. Because ultimately, that is the only way anyone can be successful. It has to be a good match for the employer and the employee.


The days may be longer, but some of our programs are now shorter!

Professional Domestic Institute knows that people’s lives are busy. Though as much as they would like to, we know that not everyone has the time or finances to attend one of our full programs. As a result, we are excited to roll out a set of shorter series that focus on only the most important topics for Household Management and Estate Housekeeping.

4-week Certified Household Manager Program

This program is perfect for people interested in becoming a household manager, but don’t have the time to dedicate 8 weeks for our full program. This program is not nearly at comprehensive, but will cover the most important aspects of household management, as well as give you the full support of our placement agency upon completion. In addition, this program is available for home study as well! Call for, (740) 881-3358, details. We like to talk to each potential student individually because we like to fully understand what they are looking for in a training program!

Current dates:


August 4th, 2014 – August 29th, 2014

Other Private Service Special Classes:

Estate Housekeeping

Administrative Household Management/Personal Assistant

Professional Household Management

Get in touch today to find more!

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FREE Information Session

I hope the “FREE” got your attention, because this event is a no-risk opportunity for aspiring Innkeepers interested in find out more about how to pursue their dreams.

Professional Domestic Institute, the only state-certified school that specializes in hands-on training of for a variety of professional careers, is hosting a free seminar, “Introduction to Innkeeping,” with guest speaker, Debbie Miller. Debbie Miller is the owner of the Hideaway Country Inn located on six acres in Bucyrus, Ohio. Her beautiful establishment has grown from only a tiny, two room bed and breakfast with a shared bathroom to a twelve room luxury inn with a full service restaurant (complete with liquor license) and a range of spa treatments. With dedication and hard work, this expansion happened in the span of only ten years!

In this small group workshop, Debbie Miller will be sharing her expertise with anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Bed & Breakfast/Country Inn industry. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an innkeeper, you will not want to miss this FREE 3 hour seminar. As with every entrepreneurial endeavor, there are rewards and there are obstacles. Throughout her years of experience, Debbie Miller has seen it all! She was able to build a successful Inn from the ground up in a remote, non-tourist area of Ohio, which is quite the accomplishment. In “Introduction to Innkeeping”, find out more about the struggles that Innkeepers face, as well as how to avoid and overcome them. More importantly, find out, despite the difficulties, why opening the Hideaway Inn was the best decision of Debbie’s life!

This informative and FREE seminar will be followed by a wine and cheese reception with a cash bar. You will also get the chance to meet the Director of Professional Domestic Institute, Carol Scudere. Carol has over 20 years’ experience placing staff in some of the wealthiest homes and best B&Bs in the United States. She has trained hundreds of students, who have gone on to have successful and lucrative careers.

Carol and Debbie have come to together to design a 3-week program specifically for aspiring Innkeepers. It is a comprehensive course on the skills required to successfully manage and operate a Bed & Breakfast or Country Inn. The program is also available through home study, as well as available in two, three, or five day seminars. Both Carol and Debbie will be available for questions during the seminar.

The “Introduction to Innkeeping” seminar will be held at Debbie’s gorgeous Hideaway Country Inn at 1601 State Route 4, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. The seminar will be held onJuly 20th, 2013 from 2 – 5 p.m. Limited spaces are available so be sure to RSVP as soon as your get a chance. For out of town attendees, Debbie is offering rooms at the Hideaway Country Inn at the discounted corporate rate. To RSVP, call 740-881-3358. In addition, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you there!

Better way to live?


Since 2010, the Bed & Breakfast industry has promoted their ‘Better Way to Stay’ campaign to encourage travelers to give Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns a chance over the typical big-box chain hotels. Many people forgo staying at B&Bs because it never occurs to them as a possibility. Without the same resources as large hotels, Bed & Breakfasts usually don’t appear at the top of Google or Expedia’s list of suggested places to stay. However, Innkeepers across the country believe they have more to offer for a comparable price and when you look a little further, they have a point!

Unlike many hotels, Bed & Breakfasts include luxuries like free parking, free Wi-Fi, afternoon refreshments and snacks, and a homemade breakfast all in the cost of the room. However, one cannot put a price on the most important distinction between staying at a Bed & Breakfast rather than a hotel, the personalized and memorable experience.

From the second you enter a B&B, you are greeted with a smile from an Innkeeper who genuinely loves their job and their life because in the end being an Innkeeper is not so much a job, but a lifestyle. They do not work 9 to 5. They cannot clock out and often times have days that begin at 5 a.m. and may not end until midnight. However, they open a Bed & Breakfast because they love people, love their community, and love their home so much that they want to share it with others. With the long hours, comes the ability to create a place that truly reflects their personality and creativity. Most Innkeepers decide to enter the Bed & Breakfast Industry after giving up the structure and tediousness of the corporate world. Not to say it isn’t just as hard. Many times, opening an Inn is much harder. However, almost all Innkeepers find it exponentially more rewarding. They are able to be their own boss with the freedom to create the atmosphere that they and their guests can genuinely enjoy. Innkeepers are drawn to the industry for this independence. They are excited by the possibility of decorating their guest rooms, experimenting with unique recipes, planning a fun afternoon for their guests, or meeting new people.

While this picture sounds enticing, Innkeepers know that running a Bed & Breakfast is hard work. It is a business and must be run accordingly. To continue, an Innkeeper must turn a profit. They must learn to keep accurate records, to market efficiently, and to manage their finances smartly. All of this does not come easily, which is why most Innkeepers take workshops, seminars and classes to help them prepare. One of the best and most efficient options for aspiring Innkeepers is participating in a structured program that guides students through all components of operating a Bed & Breakfast, such as our three-week program offered by Institute for Innkeepers. Professional Domestic Institute and the Hideaway Country Inn have partnered to design a comprehensive program that will give students all the skills they will need to manage a Bed & Breakfast, making it the only state-certified program in the country offered to aspiring Innkeepers ( Students will participate in classroom lessons, as well as receive hands-on experience at the Hideaway Inn.

With a solid foundation in the business side of running a Bed & Breakfast, Innkeepers can begin to incorporate their own passions, interests, style and personality into every aspect of their B&B. Something very few have the luxury of doing. Despite the time, money, and energy that Innkeepers put in to preparing and operating their Bed & Breakfast, they still absolutely love what they do, making Bed & Breakfasts around the country better places to stay and maybe, making opening a B&B, a better way to live.

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